Monday, February 9, 2009

Humourous Definitions

1.Prices :- The only thing that violates the law of gravity.

2.Boss :- A person who comes early to see who comes in late.

3.Gambling :- The sure way of getting nothing for something.

4.Politician :- One who shakes his hand before elections and your confidence afterwards.

5.Committe of five :- Consists of a man who does the work,3 others to pat himon the back and one
to bring minority report.

6.Difference between Optimist an Pessimist :-

An Optimist goes to the window in the morning and says "Good morninig God".
A Pessimist goes to the window and says "My God,it's morning".

7.Life :- It is a cigarette which begins with flashes but ends with ashes.

1.Anger :-It is one letter short of danger.

2.Destiny :-A respectable name for failure.

3.College :-Rest house for the restless.

4.Campus :-The land of freedom where students go gay while their parents pay.

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