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Mac vs PC

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Ninja Cat

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African Snake Catchers

You have the guts to do the same?

Here are some awesome pictures taken of the Afrcian snake catchers in action.. see them tunneling into holes and wrestle the big python out..

They do that just to live a life.. Will you do the same if you are in their situation?

Enjoy the pictures.

But although the snakes are armed with razor-sharp teeth and muscular coils that can squeeze the breath out of a full-grown antelope, they are no match for the most dangerous weapon in the natural world: human ingenuity.

The technique is simple, and yet terrifying. The hunter ties a piece of hide onto his forearm and armed only with a small torch to light up the dark he dives headfirst into the python lair. He encounters a large snake guarding a clutch of eggs. At this point, a sensible person would get out as quickly as possible but this hunter has other plans.

He waves his shielded forearm about to distract the snake from biting his face. The python lunges, grabs his hand and begins to swallow. With his free hand, the hunter then chokes the snake and his partner pulls him back out of the hole, which seems like his favorite part, and I don’t blame him.

Though not endangered, restrictions have been placed on python exportation around the world as their skin is used frequently in the leather industry. Despite their aggressive behavior, attacks on humans are rare (but they still make lousy pets compared to Burmese pythons). Smaller, younger pythons eat mainly rodents and are tolerated in farming communities because they help reduce the pest population. However, as they get older and larger, they begin attacking livestock and sometimes children. This is when the snakes become unwanted, and provides the major source of conflict with humans.

They are found all over central and southern Africa, mostly in grassland and savannah habitats. Where these particular snake hunters are from is unclear but they seem to have quite a bit of experience dealing with large snakes.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rubik's Cube Wizard

IIM Lucknow - Genius - Sachin Shirwalkar - Class of 2010

He says " I memorize the position of the whole cube first. Then when I close my eyes I keep updating that structure as I make my moves.

Its not quite as hard as it looks :) Needs a lot of practice that's it."

One Devoted News Reporter

If at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again.
He's trying to do too many things simultaneously and none of his crew is helping him out. Managing the people, trying to get the shot before the train leaves and this his reporting skills kinda' suck too. Hilarious though...Can't stop laughing... hahaha..