Thursday, December 27, 2007

Great CAr advertisements.... competitive car ads from BMW ,AUDI ,Subaru and Bentley

1. BMW started this Ad2. Audi Answered
3. Subaru needed to say something

4. Bentley Chairman ended it

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Michael P Richard said...

LOL!!!! I enjoyed this immensely, thumbs up on stumbles

Morgan said...

Thank you micheal, and my thanks to teh stumbler as well :)

Fawkes said...

God I love creative advertising!! It won't make me buy the product any more, but at least it'll make me laugh. I don't know where that Bentley ad could be printed, but Well Fucking Done. If I had a quarter mil to throw away I would buy a bentley based on that.

As it is, I had to scrape together $5 for my medicine tonight.

Morgan said...

Guys,, Thanks for the comments

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