Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hints of Klueless 3

1) Click on the events name
2) lets playthe games name along with its version
3) select the screen and u can see the answer
4)(Name of the s/w used for burning CD and also roman king )
5)see the logo of fedex and notice the direction of arrow
6)The pic shows stairway to heaven.enter that in wiki and u can see the symbol shown in pic there u can see a number there enter that.
7)One of the girls friend and monument has same name.and the answer is related to that friends spouse.
8) search for the zodiac sign

more clues

level 0 : Be Direct , or click ,and wait.
Level 1 : If you have fairly good observation, this should not be a tough job at all.Open the klueless3 link again , and Compare.
Level 2 : choose everything
Level 3 : Think why the monument and the CD are there, if you don't know history much , it's okay ..i knew just lil bit ;)
Level 4 : I feel like going to Himalayas nowadays.. could you direct me ?
Level 5 : guess what you have now and where it could direct you in the end. Wiki what you get and link the titles (I love this one)
Level 6 : think of title, think of winning! :)
Level 7 : Relax , you don't have to worry about your future all the time ;)
Level 8 : (I kinda Love and Hate this level most..I took 3 days for solving this. :(.Dumb me.Anyways,) rahul dravid seldom rejects my demand when i need money..I have THAT much credibility
Level 9 : thinking of the overall sentence helps !
Level 10 : (one my favourites) change something , that would lead you to something .Decode using the hint in source , and of course wiki. the key's in front of you.
Level 11 : you haven't seen this gesture anywhere ? That's impossible .it's universal !
Level 12 : My Father always guides me to find the root cause of my problems if i can't :))
Level 13 : you rock if you could decipher the message..
Level 14 :(Soooooper favourite)If you have understood the chellenging mistry behind the numbers, Think laterally and literally..It's really really a chellinging mistry for everybody :)))
Level 15 : my maths has always been weak :(. It took me more than three hours to clear this level
Level 16 : who's line is it , anyway ? (wiki's god if you still couldnt make your way through )
Level 17 : V for victory !
Level 18 : you gotta be kidding if you don't know me yet ! I'm there in papers every other day
Level 19 : I was tensed the other day when I heard someone sayin, What's up, doc ? it really amused me.
Level 20 : you're still referring hints! you should change
Level 21 : how many times it had happened to you that you study a lot for the something and yet someone else bags that first rank ? I started thinking now everything is a destiny..
Level 22 : I came to know if you can't value the things you are excellent at,you can't get ahead in your life.
Level 23 : Always remember, you have the key to success
Level 24 : Our ultimate aim should be to go forth in life, and you should decide the direction .. (I'm a philosopher , ain't it.. :P)
Level 25 : M adds M to my life :)
Level 26 : tell me one thing , why do I see so many question marks on you face ????
Level 27 : it's god who created this beautiful world .. and even the rest
Level 28 : Don't you ever use that word again ! :X
Level 29 : it's sheer magic that I could clear this level and get ahead
Level 30 : it's always good if you should watch movies after reading about them !
Level Circle : think philosophy.. Where are you and where are you heading to..


Stuck @ 29 said...

i need to complete klueless 3
am terribly stuck at level 29 and am a huge HP fan!!
pls give some decent hint....
i got the extns ...but how to apply them is a mystry
Pls pls Mail me at

Arun said...

Stilll cant figure out level 13.. more hint plz :(

Arun said...

Stuck @ 29.. Need hint plzzz

The xtra mile... said...

hi arun "summon" the books and look closely...that should be it...

Amit said...

Level 5 - entered the clue from the pic in wiki , didn't find anythig ? is the answer still on wiki ? I doubt it has been modified ...

Amit said...

Level 5 - I entered the clue from the pic in wiki but didn't get the answer from there .... I doubt that the data on wiki has changed. Can you check ?

Amit said...

Level 5 - entered the clue in wiki but didn't find the answer, i doubt the data is changed there , can you please check