Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Worlds Second Highest Roof top Restaurant : Sirocco Restaurant

A reader informs us that these days when the elevators open at Sirocco Restaurant, a group of six attendants seem to be screening out potential customers. A new rule poster is nearby with many conditions that prohibit people from entering the restaurant, such as wearing sandals or short-sleeved t-shirts. Also no bare midriffs allowed and no backpacks or rucksacks allowed ("for security reasons"). No children under five ("for safety reasons"). It seems that many customers are turned away for vague reasons in apparent attempt to keep the restaurant's clientele upscale and prevent the restaurant from becoming an overcrowded tourist attraction.
The restaurant has become so popularized recently that backpackers and many others show up for a drink at the overcrowded bar area just to see the view. It also appears that the Sirocco website has been taken off-line.

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