Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Klueless 3 : Hone your analytical skills


The game play involves getting to the next level. Each level is a webpage.
Get to the next level in whichever fashion... but don't use spoilers (answers cracked by other people).
In case you are totally stuck, we are available at

Click here to begin...

  1. Look for clickable objects on the page, within text, even within pictures.
  2. In case a text box is provided the answer must be written there and submitted.
  3. The answers are not case sensitive. However it could have more than one words, so don't forget to include spaces if required.
  4. Use Wikipedia or Google wherever you think you need it. Most levels anyway require some amount of both.
  5. Look closely at the pictures on the levels, if any, to find clues or hints. But don't be bound by them. Some of these pics are there just because we want to show them off :-)
  6. The way to get to the next level for certain levels after getting the password/clue may be to change a word/term in the URL (the http:// thing in the address bar of your browser). Most often than not, it's the last part: '.asp', and most likely refers to images. All such URLs will use only lowercase letters.
  7. Some amount of binary (.doc, .jpg etc.) download/manipulation may be required to get the hint to next level.
  8. You may find additional clues in the properties (author, comments etc.) of downloaded files.
  9. Not everything that looks like a hint may point to the right answer/path. We would like to play with your mind once in a while you know :-)
  10. A minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 is recommended for best experience



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