Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tickets on sale for India-Australia match....

Ticket sales for the public will commence from 24th September 2007, at 7.00 a.m onwards. The details of tickets and the gates where the sales will take place are as under:-
Sl No Gate Nos. Stand Amount(Rs)
1 17 (Link Road Near BRV) G 200/-
2 13 (Cubbon Road) N 3000/-
3 5 (Queens Road) T 6000/-
4 8 (Queens Road) B 1000/-
5 8 (Queens Road) C 1000/-

Tickets are being sold through Internet also from 24th September 2007, Click here to Book the tickets.

The details of Entry gates on the match day are mentioned as under :-
Sl No Gate Nos. Entry for Stand
1 1 (Queens Road) Players, P1 , P 2
2 2 (Queens Road) J Corporate, T Stand
3 3 (Queens Road) P 4
4 4 (Queens Road) P 3
5 5 (Queens Road) E Corporate
6 6 (Queens Road) D Corporate
7 8 (Queens Road) C First Floor
8 11 (Cubbon Road) A Stand
9 12 (Cubbon Road) B Stand
10 13 (Cubbon Road) N Stand
11 16 (Cubbon Road) H Stand
12 17 (Link Road) G Stand
13 19 (Link Road) M 4
14 20 (Link Road) M 1, M 2 & M 3

Stand Rate (Rs.) Location
P 2 10,000/- This is a covered stand situated in the main pavilion in first floor next to players gallery. Cushioned chairs are placed for seating. The ticket includes High Tea and Complementary Beer.

T 6,000/- This is a covered stand on the second tier of the main pavilion. Excellent view. The seats are arranged just below the corporate boxes. Ticket include High tea. Beer will be available in the lounge on payment.J Corporate, T Stand

N 3000/- This is a covered stand behind the wicket directly opposite to the Main pavilion. Excellent view from behind the wicket from 1st and 2nd Tiers. Ticket include High Tea (Vegetarian)

A, B. C 1000/- This covered stand provides excellent view from the North Western side of the main pavilion. The view is from 1st and second tiers ..

G 200/- Open Gallery


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