Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cell Phone forwards

“few relations in earth never die.”

Want to know what it is.?

Read again..

(F) few
(R) relations
(I)  in
(E) earth
(N) never
(D) die…

7 RULES to be HAPPY :

1- Meet ME
2- Phone ME
3- Email ME
4- Fax ME
5- Courier ME
6- Think of ME

7- Just SMS ME.

A=U r “Attractive.
B=U r “Brilliant.
C=U r “Cute.
D=U r “Dear to me.
E=U r “Excellent.
F=U r “Funny.
G=U r “Great.

H, I, J
Hello, I’m, Joking.

Inspirational SMS

When everything seems
to be going against you,remember that the
aeroplane takes off
against the wind,
not with it..!
Be Strong Always.

Irish Jokes

Irish has a
Lovely Watch Dog.
At any Suspicious Noise,
he Wakes the Dog
and the Dog,
Begins to Bark.!

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